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Spring ’23 Release in Review

Salesforce® Spring ‘23 Release is here. Here’s some quick information on the Release and highlights in review that caught our attention.

General Information about Spring ‘23

The Release Date for Spring ’23 will depend on your instance of Salesforce.

A Few Exciting Highlights

Track Field History for Activities

Admins now have the ability to track up to six Fields for Tasks and Events when Field History tracking for Activities is enabled.

Configurable Search Manager

BETA - Salesforce now allows Admins to help team members surface results related to their work by configuring all searchable fields for each User Profile. In Search Manager, Users can now edit the fields to make them searchable or not searchable for each User Profile.

Pipeline Inspection

Sales Users are now able to monitor the health of their pipeline and display how deals evolve over a selected period of time using sets of metrics. In a Pipeline Inspection list view, it is also now possible for users to edit opportunities of any record type faster by editing fields inline.

Build Your Own Custom Forecast Page

Forecasting, in Sales Cloud, has seen some pretty fantastic updates over the last few releases. In Spring ’23, Salesforce has added the ability to design and build custom forecast pages using the Lightning App Builder. Now, User pages can include standard and custom components, and Users can create and assign different layouts for different experiences.

Sales Productivity Enhancements

Enhancements related to Sales Productivity include:

  • The new To-Do List: available throughout Salesforce, this list allows users to view all the tasks that have been assigned to them.

  • Einstein Activity Capture: users can control email and event associations through their interfaces with Google and Outlook.

  • The Executive Involved email insight: this feature is available to more users

Enhanced Lightning Dashboards with Text and Graphics

BETA - A great enhancement from Salesforce with Dashboards - User will now be able to explain charts, describe metrics and KPIs, and clarify tables with rich text right in context. Add company logos and branding, flow diagrams, and embedded images. Guide Users through their data with section titles, narrative text, and even animated GIFs.

Focus User Views with Dashboard Filters

BETA - Salesforce has enhanced filtering for Dashboards. Segment and slice data with improved granularity with up to five filters. Users can now refine and target dashboard data with additional filters on Lightning dashboards. No need in maintaining separate versions of the same dashboard for different business units.

Reports and Dashboards Collections

Users now have the flexibility to use Collections to organize the Reports and Dashboards, even if they exist in multiple folders. Add Lightning Reports and Dashboards, such as those related to a project or commonly used, for immediate access in Unified Home. Pin important Collections to a Home Page or, maybe, hide irrelevant Collections and/or share Collections with others.

Import Contacts and Leads Enhanced

Salesforce enhanced its Contact Import Wizard within Setup > ‘Basic Data Import’. The new wizard provides a simple interface that walks them through the steps to import a CSV file. Users will require import permissions for Contacts or Leads to use this feature.

View All for Dynamic Related Lists

Salesforce provided Users with Dynamic Related Lists in 2022, but failed to add the ability to “View All’ records in a related list. With Spring ’23, that is fixed with Users being able to navigate to see the full list of related records.

Enterprise Territory Management

Previous assignment data could be used to pay salespeople according to the days they work in their regions. Managers can obtain additional information about that assignment data to plan sales better, pay employees fairly, and analyze sales performance.

Financial Service - Actionable Relationship Center (ARC)

Increasing client satisfaction and building confidence while lowering service costs was the focus of this new release of the Financial Services Cloud. In that context, the Actionable Relationship Center was improved and simplified.

This ARC upgrade allows Users to display even more pertinent customer relationship data: Users can utilize ARC graph templates to speed up the creation of graphs, add their own customizations with Einstein Relationship Insights, and more.

Utilize deeper relationship insights from the new ARC Einstein Relationship Insights component to develop stronger client interactions.

About Michael Sturgis

Michael is a 6x Salesforce Certified Professional, Financial Services Cloud Accredited, a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner, and Founder of SCI 360. He has been working within the Salesforce ecosystem for more than 15 years with experience in Sales, Implementations, and Service. Michael has over 25 years working experience in the Insurance Sector, Financial Services Vertical. Michael is also a proud member of Vetforce (USMC) and was recognized as topTrailblazer in 2018.


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