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SCI 360 solidifies itself as 'THE Industry Experts' in the Financial Services Vertical

Cincinnati, OH, based Salesforce Certified Partner, SCI 360, today announced achieving Salesforce’s newly coveted Accredited Financial Services Cloud Consulting Partner. Earlier this month, Michael Sturgis lead the Development Team in acquiring the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Accreditation.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) specifically designed for financial services companies by Salesforce. This Salesforce product is widely used across many different areas of the financial industry but is not limited to banking, mortgage, wealth management, and insurance. Financial Services Cloud gives companies the power of Salesforce CRM to manage customer relationships more effectively and grow faster. It unlocks a deep understanding of clients and offers valuable insights at every stage of a client’s lifecycle.

The accreditation further demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and experience of SCI 360’s Professional Services Team, positioning them as leading experts in the design and implementation of Salesforce solutions for the financial services industry. The accreditation ensures that consultants have the knowledge and skills to design, develop, and deploy solutions in the financial services industry and has a particular focus on Household Relationship Management, Financial Accounts and Rollups, Referral Management, Action Plans and Life Events.


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