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Summer ’21 Release in Review

Salesforce® Summer ’21 Release is here. Here’s some quick information on the Release and highlights in review that caught our attention.

General Information about Summer ‘21

The Release Date for Summer ’21 will depend on your instance of Salesforce.

A Few Exciting Highlights

Pipeline inspection

Pipeline Inspection provides sales reps with a single view of their pipeline including key metrics and opportunities. In addition, Pipeline Inspection displays changes in close dates, amounts, stages, and forecast categories.

Using these insights, sales reps can focus on the most important deals and managers can identify opportunities or reps that need more support.

Lead Scoring Segmentation made Easy and Accurate

Salesforce now offers Lead segmentation for businesses that work with vastly different Leads. After setting Lead segments, Einstein will score higher priority segments.

Reports have Inline Editing (Beta)

Salesforce has raised the bar in Summer ‘21, offering Inline Editing in Reporting. Users will now be able to view Reports and Edit certain fields (text, numeric, and checkbox) without leaving the report view. Outstanding!

Customize ‘Recently Viewed’ Lists

Recently Viewed Lists will now show actions added to an Objects List View search to be consistent with other list views in Salesforce.

Download an Dashboard as a Image (PNG)

You’ve spent the time to build our fantastic Dashboards, Salesforce will now allow Users to download a Dashboard as a PNG file.

Dynamic Actions are Here

Want to spruce up your Lightning Pages? Summer ’21 offers you the ability to quickly and easily configure Dynamics Actions for standard and custom actions; to include, a Dynamic Action bar.

Record Access is Available in Lightning Experience

No need to jump to Classic to view Record Sharing Access Hierarchy, Salesforce now allows Users to view Record Sharing in Lightning Experience.

Use Pipeline Inspection to Give Visibility to Your Sales Users for more Accurate Forecasting.

Utilizing Permissions, Sales Users can use Pipeline Inspection.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Previously, LinkedIn Navigator integration was only available as an AppExchange App. With the Summer ‘21 release, Salesforce has provided native integration for Sales Navigator, including a LinkedIn Sales Navigator component that can be added to the Lightning page layout for the lead, contact, opportunity, and account objects.

You can also add InMail and Connection Request Lightning actions.

Mass Actions in Split Views

In Summer ‘21, Salesforce Users will not be able to perform mass actions while in a Split View with Salesforce - Stay on your List View!

Track Active Licenses in Lightning Usage App

Track active licenses in your Production Org by going to Lightning Usage > Active Licenses: here, you’ll find the most recent usage in the last 30 days.

Exciting Calendar

Previously, an Event Organizer was not disclosed in Salesforce - See Event Organizer Names on Attendees on Events with the Attendees Field.

Also, Monthly Events now automatically start on Today’s Date.

Use Desk Phones with Service Cloud (Pilot)

Salesforce Service Cloud Users now can use the phone that they find most comfortable.

Send List Emails (Pilot)

Salesforce has enhanced sending list emails - This release offers the ability to send list emails from Outlook or Gmail,: offering Users more control over their workflows while presenting a more personalized experience for email recipients for higher delivery rates.

Boost Email Engagement with Einstein Send Time Optimization

Send list emails to individual prospects at their preferred times. Using Einstein’s machine learning skills, User can be sure messages get to the right Contacts at the right time.

About Michael Sturgis

Michael is a 6x Salesforce Certified Professional and founder of SCI 360, a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner. He has been working within the Salesforce ecosystem for more than 15 years with experience in Sales, Implementations/Service Delivery, and Service Support. Michael has over 25 years of professional work experience and has been using Salesforce since 2003. Michael is also a proud member of Vetforce (USMC) and was recognized as one of Salesforce’s top 10 Trailblazer in 2018.


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