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Spring ’22 Release in Review

Salesforce® Spring ‘22 Release is here. Here’s some quick information on the Release and highlights in review that caught our attention.

General Information about spring ‘22

The Release Date for Spring ’22 will depend on your instance of Salesforce.

A Few Exciting Highlights

Gain Additional Insights from Engagement Details and Activities in Pipeline Inspection

Salesforce Users can now dig into how deals are progressing. View insightful data related to Activities: see the number of meetings, calls, or emails sent on any individual Opportunity.

Collaborative Forecasts

Salesforce has added exciting new features to Collaborative Forecasts: more efficient forecast set-up by combining Forecast Types and Forecast Settings in one setup page, see recent changes to forecast categories, see Users ‘Gap to Quota’, create forecasting KPIs, and use advanced Filters.

Inline Editing advances for Reports Page

In BETA, Salesforce increased the functionality of Inline editing for Reports by allowing edits on multiple fields and records without having to leave the report. Another new feature, as you edit fields that impact 'other fields, those other fields will be marked 'Pending' until a User has saved their edits.

Knowledge Search Filter Enhancements

Salesforce is piloting enhancements to increase efficiencies in setting search Filter for Knowledge. When Users apply Knowledge Filters from the Global Search box or Knowledge sidebar, the Filters persist as long as the User remains in the same search session. Filters are also synchronized between the search box and the sidebar. If a User refreshes the browser, opens a new browser tab, or ends the session, search resets the Filters to the defaults.

Enhanced Assignment Experience for Managing Permission Sets and User Group Assignments

In BETA, Salesforce makes it easier to search for and filter Users to assign to Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups. Use Lightning list views to better manage expiration dates for those permissions.

Expanded Transaction Security Policies for Permission Set Events

Also in BETA, monitor changes to Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups using transaction security policies in Event Monitoring. These new transaction security policies enable Administrators to block permission changes in Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups that don’t comply with internal usage, compliance, or security policies.

Start Migrating Workflows to Flows

In BETA, Salesforce is now making available a migration tool for Administrators to start converting Workflow Rules into Flows.

Prevent Events from being Booked on Holidays

Salesforce offers protecting appointments from being booked on hours or days when a service territory is non-operational due to state or regional holidays, or due to unforeseen circumstances. When you create a holiday, Salesforce Scheduler shows time slots for only the operational hours or days of the service territory. The available time slots apply to service resources working exclusively for the holiday-linked service territory. Appointments that are already booked for an unplanned holiday require rescheduling.

Holiday Operating Hours

Administrators can help their Users enjoy their holidays with Salesforce’s new enhancement. Create holidays and apply them to a service resource or a territory. Holidays mark operating hours and shifts as unavailable times to give the team members time off.

Add Images to a Prompt with a URL

Now you have more options for adding images to your in-app guidance. Make your in-app guidance more engaging by linking to a .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif file. Use animated .gifs to further articulate the guidance in a prompt. Link to images instead of uploading them to save time and storage space

Welcome Work Guide to Connect Users with Tasks

Salesforce Flow Orchestrator (new) is generally available and allows Administrators to string a number of Flows and business processes together across multiple people.

About Michael Sturgis

Michael is a 6x Salesforce Certified Professional and founder of SCI 360, a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner. He has been working within the Salesforce ecosystem for more than 15 years with experience in Sales, Implementations/Service Delivery, and Service Support. Michael has over 25 years of professional work experience and has been using Salesforce since 2003. Michael is also a proud member of Vetforce (USMC) and was recognized as one of Salesforce’s top 10 Trailblazer in 2018.


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