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Spring ’20 Release in Review

Salesforce® Spring ’20 Release is here. Here’s some quick information on the Release and highlights in review that caught our attention.

General Information about Spring ‘20

For the Spring‘20 Release, the preview instances were upgraded to Spring‘20 on January 3 and January 4, 2020, and the non-preview instances were upgraded to Spring ‘20 on February 14 and February 15, 2020.

A Few Exciting Highlights

New Salesforce Mobile App Automatic Upgrade

Salesforce has updated mobile experience with an automatic upgrade. Increasing productivity on the go, the improved mobile experience reflects your personalized navigation in Essentials. Best of all, the user can set tasks or log calls using Einstein Voice Assist. 😀

Activities: Assign Tasks to a Queue to Share Work Efficiently

For organizations where users work as teams in Queues, Spring ’20 allows users to assign Tasks to a queue. Users can share work efficiently, assigning tasks to any queue affording any queue member an opportunity to take ownership.

Case Merge

Merge duplicate cases with the same capabilities as merge duplicate accounts and contacts. Salesforce now provides Case Merge, enabling users to consolidate up to three duplicate cases.

View and Edit Cases from the List View with Case Hover (Lightning Experience)

Users can now preview and edit cases directly from the List View with the compact preview on the Case object - Just hover and edit.

Email-to-Case Enhancements

Organizations that have customers sending support questions to a Gmail email can automate case processing within Salesforce. Companies can now connect a Gmail inbox directly to Essentials, automatically creating a support case upon receipt of an email.

Attached Formatted Spreadsheet to Report Subscriptions

Salesforce now offers a new option for users who subscribe to reports - Users now can receive formatted spreadsheets attached to a subscription email.

Einstein Article Recommendations

Einstein is now capable of recommending the best knowledge articles to agents based on case data with an intelligent natural language (NLP). NLP engine works across SMS, chat, and other channels.

Salesforce CMS Enhancements

Want a connected Content Management System (CMS) - Create content in Salesforce Content Management System and surface it through Salesforce.

Salesforce Data Mask

Use Salesforce Data Mask to protect confidentiality and maintain regulatory compliance.

Admin Console Enhancements (Quip)

Quip has increased user metrics in the Admin Console with dashboards and statistics about Quip for Salesforce integrations.

Lightning Scheduler - Let Guest Users Schedule Inbound Appointments

Unauthenticated guest users can use Lightning Scheduler’s self-service interface to schedule appointments. Lightning Scheduler now includes guest user security enhancements to Lightning Scheduler objects and the Inbound New Guest Appointment standard flow template. The enhancements for guest users also include a new Enable Guest User attribute on the Review Service Appointment flow screen component.

New Lightning Experience -Dark Mode

With the Lightning Extension, users can ease eye-strain in Dark Mode. 😀

New Time-Related Filter Conditions

Users now have more ways to filter a list of records using time-related conditions in a conversational search. To get the most relevant search results, enter a conversational search using the words modified, created, viewed, or closed followed by a relative time period. For example, enter “cases closed this year,” to see a list of cases from the current year with closed status.

About Michael Sturgis

Michael is a 6x Salesforce Certified Professional and Founder of SCI 360, a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner. He has been working within the Salesforce ecosystem for more than 15 years with experience in Sales, Implementations, and Service. Michael has over 25 years working experience in the Insurance Sector, Financial Services Vertical. Michael is also a proud member of Vetforce (USMC) and was recognized as top Trailblazer in 2018.


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